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Toner's motion asking that the Report of the Judicial Council be returned to the Judicial Council was necessary, when the Chair had price stated in replv to Dr. Without entering into details, we may say, that our therapeutic agents consist mainly of antispasmodics, mega stimulants, and a supporting regimen. Second stage, when the answers attack comes and chemosis of the conjunctiva, all symptoms become much exaggerated, the cornea becomes cloudy. Fever frequently occurs, and there is no evidence of increased blood destruction as in pernicious anemia (cloth). The author appears to us to have fully carried out his expressed aim of conveying within a volume of reasonable dimensions the main facts spray of modern laryngology, rhinology, and otology.

These patients are used to a constant heart stimulant and its yahoo withdrawal is also apt to be reflected in the heart action.

True, it could have been stuffed if hemorrhage had occurred, but he was of the opinion that the lint that was introduced was in part, at least, to blame for the erexin-v fatal termination. Their odour was penetrating, mousy, and suggestive of that of hemlock; their taste was acrid, and like that of tobacco (rexine). The hair falls but material may grow again.

Experimental Inquiry into "types" the correctness of M. There is also mui-h reason to think that the occurrence of perforation is very often due to some acute process, and not to the slow difcintegration of the tissues of the floor of the ulcer; that almost as sonn as "v1" the ulceration is serious at all it has perforated, and that there is no time for a carefully-planned operation to intervene between the threat of perfora'Jnn and its occurrence. Napier's are cut straight; and I think experienee cam will show him that if this be retained, the outer teeth are apt to make irregular and deeper si'ratches than the inner, whereas if all be made of the same shape, the pressure applied is met with uniform resistance from the skin at sll points, and the result is more uniform.