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gradually increase the strength of the current, the first weak contraction of

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it must not be regarded as universally applicable. There are cases of neurasthenia for which it

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(£15), tenable for three years. Subjects: Physiology, Physiological

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supplied with blood by the spinal arteries coming from the vertebral artery.

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Shrlsq) are becoming aore and i^re popular as a food it«a iti %hm \

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The diagnosis of acroparesthesia is, in general, easy, since the picture

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either at the two examinations for BA. or at the two examinations for

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almost without exception, indicate ps} r chical disturbance; that attacks, the

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but there are no strict boundaries between these forms.

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intending to pursue at Owen's CoUege, Manchester, their studies for

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(Purulent Cerebral Leptomeningitis. Meningitis of the Convexity)

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the periganglionic lymph-spaces and in the lymph-spaces between the axis

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Sarah A. Pearl, M.D., Research Assistant in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Eli Lilly

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before 30th April of the year in which he proposes to graduate. No

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muscular contractions are first of all not short and lightning-like, as under

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the preble« of Infected, newborn puppies, as well as massive InfSiiJ^Tthe^lSer^^

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Students are strongly recommended to attend the opening lecture.

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tical Anatomy : Heath's and Ellis' " Dissections," Holden's '* Dissector

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held from October to January, and another from March to Jtine. JPVes :

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n. Examination in the Rudiments of Faith and Religion, i.e., ia

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this important branch of Medicine and Surgery. Operations are

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Gurth Carpenter, M.D., E. R. LeCount Fellowship in Pathology, established by Dr

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Sarcoptes mite, Familiarife yourself with the shape of this «ite.

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in genuine tabes and the allied general paralysis. In regard to the average

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looking at objects). The accompanying diagram (Fig. 205), from a drawing

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ternal language is unaffected, the idea of the word is retained, and there is

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Hydrotherapeutics of a mild kind do good, and can easily be carried out in

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of the tendon reflexes run chiefly in the pyramidal tract of the spinal cord.

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thus has its peculiarities and its rules like any other disease. Only because

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duction of the different qualities of sensation, for the coordination of move-

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^ C^t1nat1«m Inspecttcms ef fresh fruHs ami veaeta&les

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melituria, in contrast with the peculiar disease which has for its chief symp-

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the flavor characte??!t1 'and'Sdy ofor S a'lfJ?n^I^?n\ '"'^"^ 5^^'^"^'

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more freely. He is much more restless, is bus} r about many things, yet really

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others in st^^^Tffii.)^ """" t« be on top of the i^ fol^r and the

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back. We would hardly advise the latter. It may be advisable, however, to