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would vindicate and guard the claims of American medical literature,
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falling of the wall of the Gas-house. The head of the bone was
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children, we would call particular attention to the fact that a false
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before all, ice will be the remedy to address to the stomach ; whilst
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pain accompanying tuberculous disease of the apex of the lung is
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mulgation of scientific truth, nor perhaps so universally overlooked or
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writing a satire, but quoting), neglecting all other organs,
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delirious, so that if this symptom were present, it was probably of
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of bowel next above it. Cause of contraction attributed, as a
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rhcea, of an ordinary character. Ordered a solution of iodide potassium
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The metanotum, fig. 17, G, is a beautiful bone, and displays
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head, with regard to the acetabulum, was clear. He was also suf-
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pression would be such a perfect loss of sensation as to render the
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general intelligence. The numbers are daily on the increase, in every
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appreciable derangement of the general health, and is extremely intractable.
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forth a vibration of approval, in the mind of every reflecting and hon
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upon the most substantial basis, that of anatomy and physiology.
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la, inserted at the usual place of tapping in abdominal dropsy. —
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structing his audience, in which we noticed clergymen and other gentle-
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against these pains, while their duration forbids our even thinking of employ
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of the quickest and safest dissection. Of course, in