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rigid, the part in the cervix remains unexpanded, while the
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reaching the former town, and after having visited several public-houses,
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losis, leprosy, glanders, and actinomycosis belong.' Since
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moscopy, as he holds that these must be reserved for the prac-
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home or in a lodging. When the illness is of an infectious
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of the poor-house test— from 41 per 1000 in 1869. to 23 in
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must also be borne in mind that the most efficient Court of
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gentleman in New Jersey, not long ago became rabid and bit
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the piece of bone had evidently been caught in the cul-de-sac,
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Seven interesting cases were then narrated at length, and
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know of it. It was conceived in a spirit of public service and it should be made
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Dr. von Coler, Surgeon-General of the I^russian Army and
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always a higher number of rejections than any other examining bodies.
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manent character. To name some of the districts visited by
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defendant were nearly .-t,^iOO, of which about £I(K1 has been
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ing from the features, the fingers, and the hands of the human
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at £80 ; one consulting medical officer at £2.5 ; and one
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matriculated at the London University, commenced his
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Dr. German Sims "Woodhead was re-elected Director of the
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bably shown by the fact that the pressure did not continue to
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Hetherington, M.B., T. A. Dixon, and W. C. T. Poole, M.B.
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patients suffered from all the diseases. Altogether, 40 cases of diphtheria
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During the autumn the revision of the Bills was resumed,
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returns state that in the town of Moscow, with its population of r.W.169
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appear to rely upon the fact that it had been bruited about
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more severe, till they culminated in what he had called a
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in a leader with several judicious remarks. It says Mr. Stanhope evi-
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Ghosts now write letters, and are beginning to show a dis-
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ducted the party over the hospital. By the proposed extension it is in-