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and the termination of it may result in the complete restoration of
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period, months or years afterward, the glycosuria reappears. Ob-
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Beef Tea. — Cut up a pound of lean beef, add a pint of cold water,
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into, the sac of the synovial membrane ; redness occurs only in cases
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that the body and mind are in the most favorable condition for the
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modic action of the muscular wall which separates the abdomen from
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the kidneys, the circulatory apparatus, or the respiratory organs.
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disease shows first at the point of inoculation. The period of in-
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and bounteous supply of oxygen. The difference between arterial
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alent views as to the nature both of this disease and of true rheuma-
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Internal parts of animals : Calves' liver, giblets, up to 100 grams.
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part of the body to another, and it will often show a tendency to shift with
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substances, as chalk, plaster, ashes, starch and other indigestible
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cal departments. On one side of this hall is the drug
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Finally inspection enables us to appreciate deformity in the re-
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sodium salts than exists in any other tissue {he. cii., p. 103) . In this
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vations of the skin the size of a pin head, and sometimes a little
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ment of all the other muscles of the body take place in the same
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used tO cause vomiting. It is a certain emetic. The dose \s from
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But it cannot be denied that acute infectious diseases may actually
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adults, owing to the more active processes of the body. Each mother
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which also affects chiefly the muscular tissue, may act as an excitant
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of urates. Its specific gravity is high, and it contains an increased
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meation of the ulcerated surfaces by albumoses from the alimentary canal.
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first use, especially of strong tea, attended with marked constipation.
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stand for several hours. This makes a useful demulcent drink.
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anuria, of acute nephritis may afford an even better indication of the
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liniment three parts and chloroform one part. This mixture has
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tered in succession, the diet otherwise remaining the same, it is found
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soap, baking soda, or a small amount of liquid ammonia or potash.
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original attack. What more common than for chronic bronchitis to
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15 ; professor of the institutes of medicine, 19; his services
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may fail to have a like action in similar inflammation of the heart.
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follicle would be observed. Doubtless it often happens that pruritus
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surplus nitrogen after a normal fashion. But, if this ratio be dis-
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haddock, herring, mackerel, flounders, salmon, sardellen, sprats,
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consumed in the animal economy for the production of force and
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" Tarsal bones of a pig were suspended in wide-mouthed phials
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tions may be a mixture of the findings of the two classes. How often do
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tion the external application of cold is the remedy on which we chiefly
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keeps the joint lubricated. Without this jointed arrangement of the