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at some later time, under the stress of great emotion, such as

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though no sutures had been used to draw the edges together.

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Ju/y 10. Is wearing hip-splint, and walks about considerably.

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" From this series of experiments we learn, then, that after inoculating

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of his offending prostate, applies to the surgeon, I should still advise him to

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department. In connection with it should be a central hospital.

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is not a " peculiar" one, inasmuch as two noted syphilographers,

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the cancerous tissue destroyed, but the heat extends beyond the parts which

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put down the various amounts of cocaine or heroin, as the case

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or indirect incandescent light, we may now expose to the eye the

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In these days when authors of great distinction^ both in this

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the digestive system as a field for special study and practice.

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The irritation of the sensory nerves in the appendix by these

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flow declined and ceased finally on Oct. 25. I saw her for the first

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purulent foci present in the walls of the appendices themselves.

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patient and persistent headache, stiff neck that ultimately subsided.

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when we send our patients to sea, we should keep in view that we are

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My critic continues, ^^ Mathews says, ^ Indeed, so firm am I

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time being, the possibility of there being a syphilitic factor involved.

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may yet be complete. Time is the great requisite in these cases." (Page 155.)

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evacuated ; (4) acute exacerbation of symptoms referable to the cord, and

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After serum injection pulse and temperature fell, and the flaps

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and physiology are not always taught at the same time in schools,

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age-tube is inserted at«the lower angle of the wound.

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cat'ried out in addition to the usual routine treatment.

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The point is taken that exercise should never be abandoned by those

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