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"The longer and severer the last paroxysm ia whooping cough, the
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life, but in which no corresponding changes were found after death.
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had been painless for the most part, but recently it had
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2000 and 4000. Occasionally the number may fall below 1000. Osier
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cular Neuritis, and Liver Cirrhosis were illustrations of the
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rapidly, the face and arm recovering first. On the ist
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ease is only spasmodic. It is, indeed, rarely the case that a hysterical per-
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cardium and the tuberculosis becoming active here had
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the urine became diminished, and of a red colour, with the
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further cultures about every fourth or fifth day. Com-
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underdeveloped. On physical examination I was unable to detect
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tions of purulent otitis media, it is incumbent upon the practitioner
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in position by the stud H, Figs. 2 and 3. Owing to the
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or the centre of the cerebral lobe. In the latter case, however, as the
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is the most efficacious. In little infants, five grains may be given and
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of silver applied by means of a speculum to the interior of the
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the other hand, there is also evidence decidedly in favour of the
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is, that the New England people, generally, eat about twice as much
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out this sense of failure. In observing the past-pointing after rota-
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(4) It is superior to cocain, in that it causes no heart-depres-
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before death. The heart became more feeble, though not dilated; the lungs
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yellowish flaky fluid. Her temperature during this time
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and half a teaspoonful of Phosphate of Lime may be added to each
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morning before the ingestion of any nourishment. This disease was first
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do the apothecaries the justice to sav that thev have executed that act extremely
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Magdala during the months of January, February, March, and
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involving the cheeks, neck and body generally. The palms and soles
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