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were non-resident, great risk of such communication was

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At a meeting held at Mason College on May 3rd, to elect a

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ShropS'Hire and Mid-Wales Br4nch.— Tlie general annual meeting

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sions," was sufficient explanation. Sometimes the presence

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cupations a week or 10 days at least after the commencement

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Dr. Hale White read a paper on the iniJuence of various

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lymphatic glands, the spinal cord, the lungs, the heart and

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not remove the speculum, for it is now that I think it becomes ,

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^ Zcitschri/t jiif .T.gypiische Spracfie uvd AlUrthumskunde.

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deaths from diphtheria included 47 in London, 4 in Birmingham, Sin

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further careful consideration, and, probably, modification in

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ties for non-vaccination, and that he had communicated with

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For instance, the term " peritonitis " was frequently returned

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"known as " sulphur vivum " is the more injurious of the two

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accede to. As the scheme stands candidature is limited, as

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i)hilologi9Ch-historischen Classe der Kiinige Siichsisohen Gescllschaft der

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As we observed last week, the influential deputations, which

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older one, to some extent its successors. The degree in which

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a pessary. As to the merits and disadvantages of the almost

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Among the diagrams exhibited was one setting out dust

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Resolved: That the Council learn with great regret of the

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to the proposal and to the University authorities for countenancing such

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doubted that a method of ventilation by which gaseous

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siderable interval. The case was heard before Lord Justice Bowen, who,

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showing that the attacks have been frequently associated with

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I find nothing in the second case whatever to support your

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What to do in the treatment of an ulcer that extends into the ear.—