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strokes, rendered insensible a space the size of a crowi-piece ;
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in the pathology consisted in the lack or insufficiency of some
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1 Angina Pectoris Due to Coronary Artery Spasm. CARDIZEM
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the eve, and granular lids are, quoad the granulations, artistically rubbed
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by the same treatment in variola. Only one or two rubbings
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coryza. It was found that in some cardiac cases, where
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sacral region is the distinct outlining of each hmibar vertebra with the
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the noise, the comparative darkness and smells of a factory,
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a woman in his country gave birth to two small fishes, without scales, which,
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angiitis (vasculitis, cutaneous vasculitis). Cardiovascular — orthostatic hypotension may
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second case of congenital hydrocele I have seen in an adult.
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ignored ; and its full importance has .scarcely been recognised
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dition of a mite which frequents barley (Fig. 23) and is apt to annoy
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there a better qualified Practitioner than one who held the
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the first portion as published in the " Medical News and Library" for 1856
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cilli were found to produce more acid than the non- viru-
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sulting from the disturbance of the normal physico-
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rent, first suggested by Michel, of the II6pital St. Louis, and
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right iliac region consists of roUed-up omentum, adherent
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pieces hardened in formalin were stained with neutral red. There are no
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red spots — no areola." I think these may be regarded as failures
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The disease is not frequent in the adult, but often oc-
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what is the nature of the disease, and what are the etiological factors?
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was beginning to return when another convulsion oc-
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the irritability of the cortex. These two facts of-
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in upon whether the infection is confined to one or both
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nose and lips run in certain families. It is a com-
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In: Samml. klin. Vortr., Leipz., 1889, No. 329 (Gynak.,
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