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positive sign, as other diseases of the nipple may give rise to it. Leu-

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moderate force be directed along the outer margin of

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one or more days. The distribution of wounded in action

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otherwi.se, burrow and accumulate, and ultimately bring on hectic

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upon sterilized food, while those of the control experi-

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and the further the vision is below normal, the closer are

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tributions from the Psychopathic Hospital (Dept. of the

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and later was noticeable in the hands and (iually in

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carriages. Menstruation first appeared when she was thirteen years of

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be in the country. The schools have to provide for the board, lodging, and

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mycehum. The crystals were needle-shaped, and were at first very

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E. H, May has succeeded in removing a renal calculous by an operation

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501 ; "Jour, of the Am. Med. Assoc," May 7, 1887, p. 522; White,

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and contusion of the medulla, and especially when the projectile remains

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by space. Rutherford compares the penetrability of these rays as

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Dominic Corrigan, it did not at all follow because a Practi-

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conservative tone of the book, coming from a man of Dr.

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referred this to the right iliac fossa. At this time the doctor tele-

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the dishes contain the same amounts of serum dilution and bacteria.

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fungus and the profuse growth of the latter conceal,

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times, indeed, the whole face, and even the orbictdares palpebrarum are

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mended the establishment of a group of physicians and spouses who

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disintegration of his own body with its consequent renewal by

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When I first saw the patient there was not a single

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acteristic is an abnormal development of the pulmonary connective tissue.

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the cavity, or adhesions unite the two surfaces, and the cancer elements

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some cases may accelerate the expulsion of the membrane as a whole.