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tion for usefulness in diabetes ; those of Carlsbad, Vichy, and others

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disease, hence the importance of investigating for other signs

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limb, the utmost efforts of the animals failed, until the

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There are undoubtedly several interesting points m this case : — 1st. The

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In anticipation of this paper, we may simply notice, that Mr

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of its alkaloids, which meet more of the indications, even of the first

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tology, and as Prof. Fulton believes that histology is the key-

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penkrankheiten ; zweiter Bericht iiber die Thiitigkeit der

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into the small opening of the catheter, and the shrunken fingers will some-

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as such : viz., total loss of appetite in the morning, but great crav-

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is here directed to a few points concerning the methods of administration

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fluence extends even to the lowest and most primary of our

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After having read much ol" what had been written on eruptive

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tice in this countrv. It was not introduced into Great Britain,

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sixteen nominally difi^'erent fevers enumerated. That a particular modi-

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tensive and lacerated a wound may be, acute suppuration or gross

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with excessive prostration, a small pulse, death-like pallor, and death

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rest in the recumbent posture, and the avoidance of all sources of bodily ex-

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and persistent headache. Although very frequent, drug head-

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sinuses should be laid open and thoroughly curetted and the result-

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disease called pulmonary tuberculosis, consumption or phthisis

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The case is, in fact, extremely like that of a man seen by me, and also

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sickness and mortality from diseases of the stomach and bowels

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mentalist press a table with the bulb of his finger, and it will

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cases, too, where there was great exhaustion saved by

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GHAZALI A. KHAN, M.D., Department of Medicine, Woods

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produced in all the cases an amelioration of surprising rapidity.

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forty-eight hours after application had been made to the

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of swallowing, and sometimes employing the crude powder of

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ous as to require admission to my wards at the Sheffield Royal

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lesion be located in the portion of the rectum where the

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sphere is involved; otherwise they are similar to those of cerebellar disease due

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what he did — one considered less favorable to see such a climate in all its

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cated with cavities, and without moist rales. We conclude

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was entirely free. Simple antiseptic dressings were applied

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affecting her child, had about the nails vesico-pustules, which were

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filling of the vagina with powdered boric acid, bland diet

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nearly empty while the veins were engorged. Dr. Justus

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The " Jnit at good " fiends are now pirating. — Inaitt on

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the lung, was a low elevation (about 7 mm. across). Microscopical examina-

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investigations by Breinl, the life-history of the Parasite has two

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to have some advantages. They discard physical landmarks entirely,