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mations, " which is the transfer of the inflammation from the

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cines, (3) hygienic measures, and (4) by surgical means.

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are not especially prominent in gastritis. Cancer. — In cancer constitu-

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varied from two months to twelve years. As regards prognosis, the worst

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superficial muscles have a prominent or corded appearance.

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the emaciation increases, and the strength declines ; and the fatal

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June 4. — Pulse 64. No pain complained of; bowels not freed

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Summerall, of Georgia. March 21, 1901 ; Thomas K. Mulllns, of Ala-

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(Montreal Med. Jour., Dec, 1901). He says that a black

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operates with regard to our countrymen in India, where

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was found in the case which contained so much urobilin in the bile,

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knees with head toward himself, taking the fore and hind legs

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cle. When, instead of employing stimulation sufficiently strong to cause isolated

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cient to remove all trace of its former acidity. It is then

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CLI. Double pneumonia— Treatment by mercury, which caused pro-

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with dysentery in only 3 per cent, of cases, whilst,

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the changes in the liver all point to a severe intoxication. To this the