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by operation after resisting medical treatment. 4. Gastric ul-
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34. Digitalis. — ^^Ihat the impression given by some text-
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President Dr. S. D. Risley, of Philadelphia, in the chair.
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which the first symptoms pointed to occlusion and the
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the mask as the previous subjects had done. The child slept
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also deprecated, and he gives a tabulated statement of the
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points, many of which closely resemble those reported by Dr.
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cent portions of the duodenum, was excised with curved scis-
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Detroit Medical Society. — On April 24 the election of
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SneUing. The government reservation is a large one,
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jiephritis, but rapidly gained her former comparative health.
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have had a chance of success. In case of suspected transfor-
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the nasal bones and elevating them, holding them in their
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Pustular Variety of the Disease. Grover Wliitam Wende
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remaining depended on first-learned and consequently,
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Castration, therefore, both in the male and female, deprives
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intersects a third line, passing horizontally through the
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safe to say, will not agree with him, the work will be found of
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much discussion, for it was feared that it would prove
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claimed, for months, and are generally associated with albu-
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value when -there is low arterial tension, venous engorgement
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Familjf History. — His father is said to have been an active
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very frequent, but this localization is nevertheless the
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rest and in walking on the outer border of the foot.
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were found to be carcinomatous. About the middle of October,
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brain substance distinct from motor tracts and the basal
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for the accomplishment of the work assigned to it. Further
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review as dictated by their merits, or in the interest of our readers.
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nearly intact as possible whenever it can be done. Only when
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with olive-oil, forced several ounces of this through the tube
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Case 110. — Operator, Schede, 1886-90. Dorsal region; duration,
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is a suspicious case of typhoid in the wards, and most careful
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that with this method, metatarsalgia and its companion affec-
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were then described, and the statement made that late-ral
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be taken for granted ; for under this head authors have
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paralysis ; no deformity : 8tn doraal more movable than the rest :