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consequent upon fracture, as given in this work, though minute, and perhaps
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stout silk ligatures, in form of interrupted suture, through the integuments —
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cated with the inside of the ventricle by an opening of small width,
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tributed to a rupture of the tunics of tliese vessels, and not to their anastomoses.
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therefore exceedingly dangerous. As far as theor)' goes it is totally against this
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methods of urobilin estimation, especially in the urine, and to state
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fusely, with hurried respiration, and all the symptoms of acute inflammation of
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changed, and a beverage of curdled milk substituted, mixed with water, or an
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Stools. All the feces passed in the twenty-four hours were col-
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vesications, and revellents; while the sulphate of copper in a large majority of
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by Drs. Horner, Hays, and Bryant, when the truss was removed, and the patient
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properly before the society, it will be arranged in tiie following order:
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be attained within the period during which it is necessary to perform the ope-
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hold the staff; and, as soon as this instrument was withdrawn, he thrust in his
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phthaleiji when weighing between 10 and 20 pounds, 0.2 gram
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they never recovered. I have witnessed this so often, that I should not dis-
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IV. Age Distribution. For 446 of the patients the ages were
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In 2 cases of leukemia the amounts of uric acid in the blood
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former is obstructed, sometimes leads to inconvenience or deception,
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usually been considered the venereal sore throat. Some writers, who advocate
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pulse along with all the other signs of an acute and profound anemia;
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fallible, but aided by this method we are not infrequently assisted
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ance of a large pleural effusion due to neoplasm with its rapid
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treated by stimulants, anti-spasmodics, and stimulant purgatives, together with
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(D'' Amiens,) Frofesseur agrege a la Faculte de Medecine de Faris,
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seem to get harm from self-analysis of their past conflicts, the
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had been found very effective in cases of pneumococcus infection
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acic glands and also in the lungs. The mesenteric glands alone
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nodular, or beaded. The distal portion showed diffusely increased
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afllux of fluids into their tissues, we may speak of their inflammution, of their
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and has a much more livid aspect than that of similar scars left after the inflic-
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and Erysipelatous Inflammation. By Edward Warren, M, D., Fellow of the Massa-
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gravity varied from 1012 to 1016; erythrocytes were present, also granular
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ations or adenomas. Clinically, while all of these were markedly
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deformity of the fingers. Olecranon processess of both elbows the seat
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pletely elucidated by them is, perhaps, the value of the assertion
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ate remedies, the ulcer has generally healed without difficulty; or
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