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serious consideration to the problem. There are many who feel
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The heart rate is always increased and the blood pressure is low.
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found pain present in 98% of a series of 294 cases. In some, pain
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depth of uterus four inches; first menstruated at 16; 3 children,
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of 1 or 2 miles a day is prescribed. If this does not raise the pulse
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portunity Ito expand to meet the needs of classes of employees
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21.3 per cent. In the great majority of cases compression of the biparietal
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for the medical student — particularly the American medical student.
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as by Cornil and Ranvier, that this reticular structure is not present ia
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In the female we realize the fullest measure of its great value.
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about 6 P.M. On my arrival (about 10 p.m. the same evening) I found
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add that fractures occurring under these conditions offer little or
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ergotin solution, towels, hot water, and one quart of sterilized salt solution
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derived from the cancer which had found no exit from the vagina. The
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HuCHARD {Eev. Gen. de Clin, et de Ther., ^00; H^ r8. tO, 01 9) says that the
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missible, twelve hours should elapse, and then under cocaine
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pressure required can be readily secured. Each two and one half
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time, the temperature ranged higher, 101° to 103°, and the X-ray
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effects were often not observed until the second night after the drug was
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professional life was physician to the Orphan House, Home of
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in the order, and was not to be used as a beverage, was a
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1. Purely nervous gastropathies are excessively rare.
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volitional deterioration, periods of excitement and perplexity,
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rents from the exterior. He has seen the most obdurate syphilitic scleroses
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the severed stricture; a, c, b, represent the triangular wound that must fill up
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complaining of having a cold, coryza, pains and aches all over the
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sterilized wadding and secured by bandages that had been prepared in a
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that demonstrated chronic nephritis, we can then say, we think with
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to an extent sufficient to give a positive Wassermann, before begin-
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Kleeblatt [Munch, med. Wochensch., February 18, 1890) refers to the
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