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when the blood-pressure was lowered by various means. No
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organs. The best tonics Mr. M. considers to be a bitter laxative,
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older pathologists, that hectic fever is in every instance produc-
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Moody, AM., colloidal gold reaction in diagnosis of syphilitic and other lesions
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southward, viz:, a soil abounding in organic remains. In the operation of
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183'4, that is about fourteen months from the period of burial. Dr. Riley, Messrs.
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should be reported as typhus fever. Some uncertainty formerly prevailed
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conclude, then, that these patients exhibited a less progressive
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and alimentary canal generally, is from the pen of Dr. Symonds, of the
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words, that disease consists primarily in the modification of the vitality of one or
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in the centre, and just avoiding the artery and nerve on each side. I next
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mon case; and, lastly, we may have complete apoplexy, without morbid appear-
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bronchial respiration at the middle and lower parts of the left lung; at the
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Hildebrandt. Urobilin and Icterus, Zeit. f. klin. Med., 1906, lix, 351.
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&c., of a tissue. It is on this account that we object to the proposition