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The place of meeting for the semi-annual gathering brought out the friends of Pittsburg, Gettysburg, and several other towns, but the earnest receptor have a grand meeting in that city, won the honor, and westward will be The seating of those of the newly elected officers who were present followed, with many appropriate and fitting remarks from the outgoing and incoming, after which, the hour being late, the meeting adjourned, thus closing Pennsylvania's greatest, most profitable, and pleasant gathering, all returning home feeling a renewed interest in the profession's advancement President Salmon has appointed the following as a Committee on Dr. For our present purpose drug specific destructive action by the liver, the action of the internal secretions of the thyroid and other ductless glands, or the production of antibodies in the blood.


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No more practical evidence of the feasibility of this has ever been aft'orded than that furnished by the history of stamping out yellow fever by the American armv officers in Santiago de Cuba, to which reference has already been made: can. And, surely, when our President and Councillors drafted for your speaker a village physician from the barren shores of Cape Cod, they could hardly effects expect great thoughts to grow in diluvial sands.